All telemedicine providers are NOT the same. Before you make a decision, be sure you understand the differences.  


Making the best choice will save lives. It will increase your profit. It will expand your staff engagement. It will protect your facility. It will lead to more referrals. It will lower your hospitalizations. In other words, it will make all the difference in the world.

So what are the differences between TapestryHealth and everyone else?

  • We are 24/7, not just after hours

  • We assign specific clinicians to specific facilities so patients and clinicians get to know each other

  • We make daily rounds, maintaining higher level of care and reimbursement

  • We’re an independent PCP working for you and your patients, not local hospital-based physicians

  • We offer a Chronic Care Management program at zero cost to the facility, even as a stand-alone service 

  • We have specialists on call – the kind your residents might never get to see otherwise

  • We work hand-in-hand with patients’ personal PCPs when they cannot be at the bedside

  • We offer a Vitals Management Program that promises guaranteed accurate readings and monitors each patient based on their own specific parameters that you set

  • We analyze individual and facility-wide data in real time to alert you to the next infectious outbreak before it happens

  • Our machine learning and artificial intelligence technology is predictive, not reactive.  It functions in real time providing you with daily reports that accurately predict hospitalizations up to 72 hours in advance

  • We provide clinicians with behavioral care expertise and specific geriatric training  

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