In nursing homes across the country, patients, family members, nurses & administrators and local physicians & hospitals are discovering the benefits of TapestryHealth.


  • Specific primary care and covering clinicians assigned to each facility

  • 24/7 bedside care

  • Behavioral care

  • Multiple Specialist practices available

  • Improved medical care

  • Reduced hospitalizations

More than just state of the art equipment.

TapestryHealth makes needed medical care available at your bedside, whether the nearest hospital is a few blocks away or many miles.  Our team of clinicians and specialists in a wide range of fields use sophisticated equipment to provide virtual access to more services than was ever possible before. Our integrated stethoscopes, otoscopes and hi-definition zoom-capable wound care cameras, and our ability to customize treatment carts to match your needs with everything from bedside lab tests to Cardio-care, ensures your patient care will be more complete than ever.

  • Rapid response capability

  • Board certified professionals

  • Immediate ordering of lab tests and prescriptions

  • One button technology