TapestryHealth has connected with Rosie, 
to create the most powerful tool in the industry.

TapestryHealth is now accessing the guaranteed accurate data that Rosie automatically uploads to your EHR, and we’re using that data to spot even minor anomalies that can help you head off major incidents.  With our PROAlertsTM, the first patient specific monitoring system in the industry, your team is alerted in real time to any resident that may be in the early stages of crisis. And adding Tapestry’s full suite of services means that our clinician can be at the bedside with your nurses, 24/7 to evaluate and treat the resident.

If you already have either TapestryHealth or Rosie, then you have all you need to activate PROAlerts with a phone call.  If you don’t, you need us.  Call today, because whatever level of service that’s right for you will make an immediate impact on the care you can provide tomorrow.   

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