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Whether you’re already a resident in a facility served by TapestryHealth, or you’re considering it, there are always questions.   Can I keep my own doctor and still be treated by TapestryHealth?  Is TapestryHealth care covered by my insurance? What if I need to see a specialist? Can a family member speak with my TapestryHealth care provider, and lots more. In this section we try to answer questions about the three most common areas - how to enroll with TapestryHealth, the insurance coverages we accept, and the services we provide become. We’ve also included a section on the most frequently asked questions in general.   And of course, we know that every situation is unique. It would be impossible for us to anticipate every possible question, but we definitely have an answer to every possible question. You can submit your question here and we’ll reply usually within 24 hours, or you can call our customer service team Monday-Friday between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Time. If TapestryHealth is already offered where you live, any on-site nurse or administrator can answer most questions.

Enrollment ▸

Signing up for TapestryHealth is simple.  All you need to do is speak with an on-site nurse or administrator and let them know you’d like to be eligible for care from a Tapestry clinician.  All we require is your authorization to treat you, and in some cases your insurance information.  It’s that simple.

If you have a primary care physician that you intend to continue with, we’ll want his or her name as well, so that we can coordinate any care we provide and so that we’ll be able to make sure that doctor’s records are kept up to date.


Insurance ▸

TapestryHealth is a primary care physician practice, and we typically bill Medicaid or Medicare the same way an outside doctor would.  For residents of skilled nursing homes, all of the billing is managed between Medicaid, Medicare or your private carrier directly and there is nothing you need to do.   

If you’re a resident of an Assisted Living or Independent Living Community, you may be responsible for a co-pay, depending on your insurance carrier.  But your job is to stay healthy. The administrative staff at community where you reside will assist with any billing paperwork that needs to be filed. 

Tapestry contracts with Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurance companies.


Services ▸

TapestryHealth is a primary care physician practice, so any service you would normally expect to receive from a local doctor can be provided by Tapestry.  That includes regular wellness checkups, examination and treatment of specific and/or chronic issues, prescribing medication, following-up of treatments, ordering lab tests and X-rays, and arranging to be seen by various medical specialists when necessary.  But unlike a local doctor, Tapestry can do all of this right in the comfort of your own home.  Our clinicians work both on-site and remotely, but in all cases, every location that offers TapestryHealth has a dedicated clinician so the same person will be providing your care day after day and you’ll get to know each other. Even Tapestry’s medical specialists can see you in your own home, avoiding the time and inconvenience of trying to get an appointment and having to travel to a distant, crowded office to be seen. 


TapestryHealth offers care 24/7, including holidays, and with our sophisticated remote technology we can even have a family member “sit in” on examinations.