While we’re thinking about Covid-19, let’s not forget the flu

There has been an exhausting amount of talk this year about Covid-19; where it came from, how many people had it, are the tests accurate, can it come back, how does antibody immunity last, what were the long-term effects on the economy, education, social development, and so much more. But let’s not allow ourselves to become so focused on one issue that we forget others that are just as important. Like the Flu. The CDC uses something called the Epidemic Prediction Initiative (EPI) to forecast just how bad the flu season will be. They try to pinpoint when the flu season will start, when it will peak, and when it will end, as well as what strains of flu could be most prevalent. There are about two dozen different strains of flu, but dozens more subtypes, which makes vaccination programs somewhat hit or miss. Most flu vaccines target 3 or 4 strains, but not every strain. Nonetheless, it’s important to get a flu vaccination, especially if you reside in, work in, or regularly visit a skilled nursing facility. A new vaccination is required every year, so If you haven’t gotten yours yet, please do so quickly. As we learned from Covid-19, an infectious disease like Covid, or the flu, can spread quickly with terrible results, but as long as we all take smart steps, we can minimize the damage from even the worst flu season.