What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is helping to extend the reach of health care. State-of-the-art telecommunications technology enables the delivery of on-demand clinical services to enhance patient care, support attending staff, improve public health, and support health education delivery.

The field is growing as more and more patients not only embrace the technology but realize the benefits it can bring to helping them get healthy and stay healthy.

Tapesty Telehealth’s leadership team has helped to pioneer telemedicine in nursing homes and has more combined experience caring for people in skilled nursing facilities with the support of telemedicine than any other company in the United States.

Tapesty Telehealth’s professionals have spent a lifetime caring for America’s most vulnerable populations and have more than a century of combined experience working in the long-term care sector. And they are advancing that mission of care through innovations in telehealth.

Using easy-to-use, portable telemedicine carts, Tapestry Telehealth’s board-certified medical professionals integrate seamlessly with attending teams to enhance patient care and help facilities achieve their quality initiatives. Telehealth allows medical professionals to be right there at the bedside with the patients, talking personally to them and their families, and it makes them available on demand when medical conditions change.

Tapestry Telehealth’s multi-specialty medical team comprises physicians, specialists and nurse practitioners who are recognized leaders in caring for people in skilled nursing facilities and trained to use the most advanced technology to evaluate patients, provide emergency care and develop long-term health plans.

Learn more about Tapestry Telehealth’s innovative solutions to rural care and state-of-the-art technology truly are making a difference in people’s lives.