Treating a Rash Indicative of Breast Cancer in Rural Kansas

Today’s story comes from rural Kansas --- and demonstrates the life-saving potential of Tapestry Telehealth’s TapestryCare™ program.

One of the major benefits of TapestryCare™ is that it brings practitioners into smaller, rural facilities where full-time, round-the-clock clinician staffing is nearly impossible. Having 24/7 access to a practitioner who can develop treatment plans in real-time can often prevent unnecessary hospitalizations. But in this case, the patient needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible to get the required care … fast. From actual notes about the incident:

This patient turned out to have a very serious condition that required immediate hospitalization, but thanks to TapestryCare™, Mary Beth, our nurse practitioner in Kansas, was able to immediately recognize the problem, develop a treatment plan, and rush the patient to the hospital.

The patient’s doctor later confirmed that Mary Beth had prescribed the proper course of action, and her ability to respond immediately via TapestryCare™ gave the patient the best possible chance of recovery.