TapestryHealth Expands

Acquisition of Software Developer Means More Custom Services

Stamford, CT. June 24, 2020 -- TapestryHealth has announced its purchase of Telemedicine Web Services Inc., a Florida based developer of telemedicine software technology. “It was critical that we own our intellectual property” said Mordy Eisenberg, COO of TapestryHealth, in announcing the purchase this week. “We’re expanding, we’re serving more and more facilities, we’ve begun to offer home care and post-discharge care to our short-term SNF patients, and we’re about to make our platform available to non-Tapestry doctors across the country” he said. In order to accomplish that, Eisenberg stressed the importance of reducing the company’s dependence on a third-party provider. “We are the leading provider of remote primary, specialty and 24/7 urgent care in the country. Our clients depend on our 100% system reliability. We can’t have down time. And now that we are in control of the IT function from end to end, we can not only eliminate delays in service but we can be more responsive to our clients on the developmental side and bring newer, more advanced products to market in less time.”

Dr. David Chess, CEO and Founder of TapestryHealth noted that his company had reached a significant crossroads. “We are now at the junction of software and medical care and have found the way to make remote delivery of health care as personal as being in the same room”. He added that the TapestryHealth clinical platform, which is already the most cutting edge in the country, will now be on even stronger footing. “We’re adding lots of tools and looking at expanded software solutions that will deliver even more hospital-quality capabilities right to the patient’s bedside. And we are making the entire product hardware-agnostic so that it will support clinical visits on anything – a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone – and allow for simple plug-ins of additional diagnostic tools.”

TapestryHealth’s remote examination and treatment equipment is inexpensive and user friendly, with one touch operation that can be learned quickly by local facility nurses. It features a fully integrated stethoscope and otoscope as well as three hi-def cameras that allow for precise examination of even the smallest wounds.