Tapestry Transitions

We are proud to announce a new service that really fills a gap in the care for our greatest generation and our true national treasures!

What happens when a patient is discharged from a healthcare facility? How fast are they getting back in touch with a doctor or medical professional? What happens if they are on different medications than they were taking previously?

We launched TapestryTransitions to solve this need!

Medicare specifically recognizes this value. Our nursing home partners are being penalized for any hospitalization or death within 30 days of going home.

We have set up an entire process to ensure they are taken care of in the ensuing weeks after being discharged and we serve as a tool to keep patients engaged with the nursing home they just left. Many times, if one of our medical staff determines that the patient should be transferred to a hospital, we can bring them back to the nursing home facility instead.

We are not just an urgent care modeled service like many others in the industry. We really weave this tapestry of care in a way that takes care of our patients and our nursing home partners.