Tapestry Telehealth Supporting a new level of care in Rural SNFs

Just received this email from the Administrator at a rural partner SNF in Kansas:

I am very excited to say that we are now accepting patients with Trilogy vents. Our nurses have already been trained on it and we actually have a resident in our facility that admitted this week with a Trilogy. We also accepted our first resident with a PICC line and IV antibiotics this week. We are continuing to grow our capabilities and make ourselves more marketable!!
We are working toward getting all our LPN’s IV certified as I want to be able to take any patient with IV meds no matter how many times a day it’s ordered. We have also discussed doing some training for our nurses on trach patients. I will keep you all up to date as we take on new capabilities. Thanks!!

So glad we can support their new standard of care! Without daily medical coverage this would not be possible!