Tapestry Marks Mental Health Awareness Month

Tapestry Telehealth Marks Mental Health Awareness Month

Today marks the start of national Mental Health Awareness Month, an observance that started in 1949 to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and to stop the stigma associated with mental health afflictions.

At Tapestry Telehealth, we understand that caring for the whole patient means caring for both body and mind. That is why our professionals offer specialized behavioral and psychological services to evaluate and address the physical and mental needs of seniors.

In fact, services like this are unique to our TapestryCare™ telemedicine program.

Most telemedicine programs offer only silos of care --- for wound care or psychiatry, for example. Or, they offer only “urgent care” or after-hours coverage models, focusing on one-off encounters rather than a continuous true primary care relationship.

TapestryCare™ assigns a dedicated practitioner to a nursing home facility where clinicians are available on weekdays and on demand to work virtually with on-site nursing teams as part of regular and scheduled rounds to care for the whole patient.

Patients have access to daily behavioral services, including both scheduled and 24/7 emergency mental health care and family communication and support.

We are able to support patients and residents with needs including depression, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorders, dementia with behavioral manifestations, and medication de-escalation and monitoring.

Caring for the whole patient means providing family communication and support as well, and our professionals are trained to help with counseling and treatment plans.

May might mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Month nationally, but is an issue that all of us at Tapestry Telehealth take seriously every day of the year.