Rural Nursing Home Care

There are more than 15,655 skilled nursing facilities with 1.7 million beds across the United States. Roughly one-third of these facilities are located in small towns or rural areas that face challenges easily accessing high-quality primary and specialty care services.

Tapestry Telehealth closes the gap by using technology to connect these centers to high-quality care through telemedicine and helps to improve patient outcomes and facility ratings.

Having access to primary care physicians and a team of medical specialists on site daily in rural nursing homes avoids hospitalizations when medical conditions change.

Tapestry Telehealth’s TapestryCare™ brings a team of physicians, specialists and behavioral health services right to the bedside, all on demand.

The need for long, costly and unnecessary trips outside the facility for basic evaluations is reduced through telehealth bedside care. So are wait times for specialty consults.

Medical teams can order tests, start treatments and monitor conditions, staying involved every step of the way to ensure patients get healthy and families stay informed.

Everyone deserves access to quality health care, no matter where they live. Tapestry Telehealth is advancing a new level of care to help rural nursing homes.