Reduce Readmission Rates and Earn CMS Bonuses With TapestryCare™

The landscape of skilled nursing care has evolved dramatically in recent years, and more changes are coming. Medicare payment regulations are shifting away from the fee-for-service model and towards one that rewards facilities that produce the best results. TapestryCare™ by Tapestry Telehealth is an important new tool that can help skilled nursing facilities stay ahead of the curve and deliver superior results for their patients.

A recent report showed that nearly three-quarters of all skilled nursing facilities will see a reduction of up to 2% in their Medicare payments in fiscal year 2019. Under CMS’ Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program, facilities whose hospital readmission rates rise are penalized, and the funds withheld from the more poorly performing facilities will be redistributed to those that have been able to improve their readmission rates.

These new regulations pose a particular challenge to operators of skilled nursing facilities located in rural areas where doctors, and particularly specialists, are scarce. Rural facilities that fail to adapt to the new environment run the risk of being left behind.

TapestryCare™ by Tapestry Telehealth is an innovative telemedicine solution developed specifically for rural skilled nursing facilities that can help lower readmission rates and enable rural facilities to remain competitive in a changing marketplace. TapestryCare™ utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring patients 21st century care. Through easy-to-use, portable telemedicine carts, our medical professionals can be at the bedside in moments. When a new condition arises, board certified professionals can consult directly with the patient within minutes. The system features a digital stethoscope, otoscope and wound care camera for full evaluations, enabling our clinicians to order tests, start treatments and monitor conditions on a continual basis.

In rural facilities, having access to TapestryCare’s™ services and technology can dramatically reduce the need for hospital visits that will become increasingly costly for operators of rural skilled nursing facilities going forward, especially after the “Patient Driven Payment Model” goes into effect in fiscal year 2020.

To learn more about how TapestryCare™ can help your facility avoid Medicare penalties, and possibly even earn bonuses, schedule a 30 minute phone conversation with one of our professionals.