Nursing Teams Praise TapestryCare™

Tapestry Telehealth’s TapestryCare™ program doesn’t just enhance care for patients. It also puts the power of technology into the hands of nurses and attending staff to keep rural nursing home residents healthy and make caring for them easier.

“We are very excited to work with Tapestry Telehealth to improve our residents’ lives and well-being,” said Traci H. and Carol L., both Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) at Lake Mills Care Center in Iowa. “It is an enormous benefit to have our residents seen in a timely manner with Tapestry's professional staff.”

That’s just a sampling of the praise that TapestryCare™ is receiving from nurses and attending staff in states where the program is in use. Learn more about our current operations and join the growing list of partners nationwide who are taking advantage of TapestryCare™.

TapestryCare™ is easy to use. It’s one-button technology. Just turn on the computer and connect. The high-quality video monitor allows nurses and clinicians to see and speak with each other in real time.

TapestryCare™ also integrates seamlessly with care teams. The portable unit is designed for quick visits and simple setup to make seeing patients easy and to save nurses time during rounds. Evaluations take about five minutes.

With state-of-the-art technology, the nurses and care teams can bring a team of physicians, specialists and behavioral health services right to the patient’s bedside, all on demand. It eliminates the need to travel for basic evaluations, reduces wait times for specialty consults and helps to avoid hospitalizations when medical conditions change.

All of this not only ensures better care for the patient, but also additional help for the nurses and care teams that patients rely on and families depend on to care for their loved ones.

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