Nothing makes our clinicians happier than keeping their patients safe

When Amanda Ramos-Rubalcava joined TapestryHealth in February of 2020, she had no idea that she was walking into a global pandemic that would devastate the skilled nursing industry. And since she was new to Tapestry’s unique approach to telemedicine, she didn’t realize that she was now part of a group of dedicated professionals who would spend the next several months saving lives and changing the way we look at health care in the United States. So just how many lives did Amanda save? All of them. Her story is quite amazing…

Nearly every patient in Amanda’s facility was elderly and suffering from multiple comorbidities, the pre-existing conditions that we all heard so much about that placed people in a high-risk category; age, cardiac issues, diabetes, and most dangerous of all, respiratory conditions like COPD and pneumonia. Forma Covid-19 perspective, Amanda was facing a buzz saw. Even before there were any cases in part of the state, she began implementing the TapestryHealth recommended protocols that were followed in all TapestryHealth facilities. But most important, Amanda was there every day, making daily rounds to see her patients. A separate Covid wing was established to house patients with the virus or suspected of having it. “Our integrated stethoscope is so sensitive I can hear the slightest abnormality when I listen to a person’s lungs”, said Amanda. “I knew who needed to start treatment even before the tests came back. Thanks to that rapid response, and the ability see patients daily, we were able to keep all of our patients out of the hospital and not a single life was lost.” Not only did treat her patients, she treated the facility’s nursing staff as well, to help ensure that they remained well enough to continue caring for their residents and also to successfully reduce the risk that a nurse could inadvertently bring the virus into the facility.

Some stories are just too good not to tell. This is one of them.