Nobody says it better than a satisfied partner

We’re proud to have quite a number of testimonials lauding our results, our work-style, our bedside manners, the care we deliver to patients and the appreciation of their families. We have far too many to print here, but every so often one comes along that we want to share. This is one such testimonial…

“Tapestry Telehealth Psych has been a tremendous blessing to Allure skilled nursing facility in rural Illinois. Dr. David Chess and NP Chiedza Nwakudu have been accessible at a moment’s notice during crisis situations with residents. During the Corona virus, while resident’s have been unable to see families or visitors, residents have had suffered with suicidal ideation and depression. Tapestry Telehealth Psych has been able to step in and provide mental health expertise in addition to being the residents’ physician. It would not have been accessible otherwise. NP Cheidza has been truly caring towards residents and has stated during our conversations, “we need to be there for these residents.” Tapestry Telehealth has made a huge difference in our building!”

Elizabeth Zizich

Director of Social Services

Allure of Geneseo

Thank you, Elizabeth. Your comments and those of Cheidza truly capture the essence of what we strive to be for our patients -- their doctor, their shoulder to lean on, their trusted confidante, their healer.