MyCare Story - The Good, The Bad and The Aged

This excerpt is from a book one of the patients I see is in middle of writing: The Good, The Bad and The Aged (Trials and Tribulations of a Nursing Home Resident)

“In addition, one of the most fascinating and technologically progressive practices at ****** Manor is the Tapestry Telehealth System. Denise, the nurse practitioner, and Sarah, the LPN nurse, her sidekick and telehealth care coordinator, come to my room to provide diagnoses and prescriptions.

Since this “tag team” has entered my life, my health has substantially improved. Denise is apt to come every couple weeks (or less), whereas I have seen the medical doctor 3 times in two and one-half months- for a couple of minutes.

The “girls” have time for detailed problems and lower-level calamities, which however small, directly affects my quality of life. They attend to skin irritations and arthritic joint relief. They perform close monitoring of my blood sugar readings to assure my insulin levels are adjusted properly for improved health. Even my “useless” arthritic arms are managed with pain relief cream to help improve my sleep. I have never been healthier than under her care. ****** Manor knows how to provide maximum care and personal relief.

When they “treat” me, prescribed medications arrive to the nurse’s station in one or two days. This is in contrast to the normal doctor routine: first you complain and tell the floor nurse, then the charge nurse faxes the request to physician. Then when on duty the physician responds. By the time I receive the prescription, a week or more has lapsed.

I prefer the telehealth system coupled with the medical doctor, as it provides more “TLC” (tender loving care. I assume other residents enjoy this team effort as much as I have”


*picture used with permission