Mark Hirschhorn joins the board of Tapestry Telehealth

Led transformation of virtual healthcare into one of the world’s leading healthcare delivery systems.

Stratford, CT (April 22, 2020) – Tapestry Telehealth has added Mark Hirschhorn to its Board of Directors. As the CFO and COO of Teladoc Health from 2012 to 2019, Mr. Hirschhorn helped to transform telemedicine into a widely acclaimed healthcare delivery system. He led the company to revenue of more than $400MM in 2018.

“I’ve spent my career with some of the world’s most important health care companies, helping to change the way we view healthcare, and the way we deliver it” said Mr. Hirschhorn. He went on to add that “Tapestry is going to be the next big game-changer by creating a whole new healthcare industry segment -- primary care practices that can see hundreds of patients a day from a single location. What’s more, they can see patients in skilled nursing facilities at their bedsides, faster, more frequently, and with considerably less risk to the patient. That’s an idea that’s going to dramatically improve healthcare delivery in nursing homes forever and it will soon be a requirement in any high-quality facility. I’m excited to be joining the board of Tapestry and teaming with such outstanding professionals to help them expand an idea whose time has surely come”.

To fuel the company’s growth and to help them meet their goal of delivering high quality primary care wherever it’s needed, Tapestry worked with Sopris Capital to complete their first Series A fundraising effort. Within weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic struck in the United States and opened the world’s eyes to the increasingly important role that primary care, delivered remotely via sophisticated technology, is going to play in the future of healthcare delivery. Tapestry was ready for it.

“We’re very happy to have the opportunity to welcome an industry leader like Mark Hirschhorn to our Board of Directors”, said Dr. David Chess, Founder and CEO of Tapestry. “The audience for our service is growing exponentially. They are in desperate need of this service and right now only Tapestry can provide it. With our outstanding team and the guidance and support of a strong, involved Board of Directors, we’ll bring them that service and provide our investors with a strong return for their early show of support”. Abinav Sankar, Partner at Sopris Capital, added “Mark’s expertise in operations will help us scale up delivery of our customized solutions to SNFs all across the country, getting vitally needed medical care to the people who need it most, especially in today’s environment”.