Integrating into the Healthcare Team at SNF's in Rural Iowa

In March of 2018, ABCM Corp. began using Tapestry Telehealth to offer innovative telemedicine solutions to residents at seven rehabilitation and long-term care facilities in rural Iowa. Tapestry brings primary and specialty care services that are generally available only in larger metropolitan areas direct to the bedsides of rural patients. Tapestry leverages cutting-edge technology to help patients in rural nursing homes avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and costly and uncomfortable trips to see specialists available in larger cities and towns.

Within weeks of implementing Tapestry’s telemedicine solution, staff at the facilities were already seeing a dramatic impact on the level of care they were able to provide to their patients. Traci Harvey, Licensed Practical Nurse, who serves Co-Director of Nursing at the Lake Mills Care Center in Lake Mills, Iowa, offered high praise for the dedicated staff members that Tapestry made available to assist her staff in caring for their patients.

She described Stephanie Esparaz, the Certified Nurse Practitioner assigned to the facility, as “knowledgeable and approachable,” and praised Esparaz’s ability to develop a rapport with the patients, her accessibility, and her skill at clearly explaining treatment options to the patients, and understanding things from the patients’ point of view.

“We at Lake Mills Care Center are very excited to work with Tapestry staff to improve our residents’ lives and well-being,” Harvey said. “It is an enormous benefit being able to have our residents seen in a timely manner with Tapestry’s professional staff.”

Nadine Countryman, Director of Nursing at the Bloomfield Care Center in Bloomfield, Iowa, had similar praise for her facility’s experience with implementing Tapestry’s telemedicine solutions. When she met with her staff just a week into their partnership with Tapestry, they all offered positive feedback, and said they were already seeing significant differences in their ability to provide the highest possible level of care for their patients.

Prior to partnering with Tapestry, it would frequently take as many as four to five days for doctors to respond to reports the staff at the facility made about their patients’ conditions. But with Tapestry, patients are able to get the treatment they need almost immediately. They also appreciated the fact that Tapestry eliminated the need to make transportation arrangements for their patients to go see a doctor, since the transportation can often be stressful for their residents.

“The staff can already see how this is going to make communication easier, and decrease ER visits, offsite doctor’s appointments, and hospitalizations,” Countryman said. “All in all it’s been a great first week!”