Veteran’s Day: Veterans in Focus

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour, in 1918, hostilities between the Allied Nations and Germany officially ended. It took a few more years for treaties and Acts of Congress to make everything official, but we’ve been celebrating our veterans on that day ever since. It’s a time to remember the sacrifices and the men and women who made them so that we could live in free world. This year, the Veteran’s Administration has declared the theme of the holiday to be Veterans in Focus. According to the Veterans Administration, “We must always maintain a vision of the future for our veterans.” We couldn’t agree more, and we have the honor of caring for many veterans in skilled nursing facilities all across America. This year, we are taking time to reflect on the mission of “maintaining a vision for the future” not only for our veterans but for short- and long-term residents of our country’s nursing homes everywhere, and on our mission to make their lives better.