Going home is great, but it can be scary, too

From the day people arrive at a skilled nursing facility for some sort post-operative rehab, or as a result of a heart attack or other medical condition, they start to think about returning to their own home. And as their rehab progress and they get closer to being able to live independently once again, the excitement builds. Then comes the big day, and the patient that had been cared for daily suddenly finds themself wondering about that medication that their nurse just brought each day, and it was always “just there”. Or exactly how that wound was cleaned and wrapped each day? Suddenly, when medical questions arise, being back in control of everything is a little scary. That’s why TapestryHealth now offers Transitional Care Management (TCM). After a nursing home patient returns home, our clinician checks in on them and conducts a remote examination, ensures that all the necessary medications are being provided and taken correctly, answers any questions (and there are always questions) and double checks to be sure that the patient is receiving all of the home care services they might be entitled to. It’s one more way that TapestryHealth is using telemedicine to keep our seniors safer, longer.