Tapestry health makes life better for people living in nursing homes, assisted and independent living communities, memory care communities and even those who are receiving professional care in their own homes. When you make Tapestry your partner in health care, you and your residents will have access to the most complete suite of service in the industry:


TapestryHealth assigns a dedicated clinician to every community we serve. That clinician gets to know your patients, their families and your staff, and integrates seamlessly into your daily care routines.  


“Having medical care daily…you can immediately address issues. Tapestry is going to rock your world.”

- Administrator, Skilled Nursing Facility

Primary Care Support ▸


Whether a TapestryHealth clinician is your primary care physician, or we are simply supporting your doctor in between his or her visits, you’ll be treated by someone you know and trust. We assign dedicated clinicians to each building, medical professionals that get to know you, your staff, patients and their families, and who become integral parts of your daily care team.  Along with your nurses, we make daily rounds, often seeing acute patients two or three times in a single day, and we’re available 24/7. When you need us, when a patient needs us, when a family member needs us, we’re there. 


Physician Specialists ▸


Getting in to see a specialist can take weeks. Getting that same specialist to come see you is unlikely to ever happen, and some patients who are homebound or who reside in any kind of elder care community may never get the level of care they need. TapestryHealth brings our exceptional team of specialty practitioners right to the patient’s bedside, wherever that may be. Whether you need a Pulmonologist, a Urologist, an Endocrinologist or any one of our others specialties, we’re standing by.


“We have a psychiatric NP  who sees our residents on a weekly basis to do medication management and that’s  been a very positive thing.”  

-  DON, Tapestry Skilled Nursing Facility

Behavioral Health ▸


Caring for the whole person means caring for both body and mind.  Our clinicians are trained in behavioral and psychological services and can properly evaluate and treat the physical and mental health needs of seniors. Nursing communities everywhere deal with issues of Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia, Schizoaffective Disorders and the challenges of medication de-escalation and monitoring.  We’re here to help manage that burden.  

  • Scheduled and emergency mental health care 24/7

  • Staff training and support 

  • Family communications and support

  • Non-pharmaceutical behavioral treatments


Vitals Management Programs ▸


The goal of our Vitals Management Program is simple:  see trouble coming before it arrives, and react early.  We’ve integrated with the RosieConnect vital signs monitor and using RosieConnectivity™️, we’re able to monitor the vital signs of every individual resident and we track those signs over time.  A slow decrease in blood oxygen may never be noticed during routine rounds, but our Vitals Management Program will not only catch it, we’ll immediately send an automatic alert the staff nurse for quick action.

Caregiver with Tapestry VMP on Rosebud VC_edited.jpg

A study by CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) suggests that as many as 45% of nursing home resident hospitalizations could be eliminated by effective early intervention.


Medical Director Support Services ▸


Every day, we help medical directors liberate their nurses from the medical cart so they can get back to providing quality bedside care to their patients.  And when needed, we can even bring your community a TapestryHealth medical director to provide the same guidance that has made us the nation’s leading provider of remote primary care.  Our medical directors are trained and AMDA-certified by the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine and focus on quality assurance and performance (QAPI), driving new innovations in care wherever we go.