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Whether they live in a nursing home, an assisted living community or a dedicated memory care facility, the issues facing the patient are the same.  For years we’ve been caring for elderly nursing home residents and there are no memory care issues we haven’t seen.  Sometimes it’s disease related, sometimes it’s chemical, sometimes it’s emotional, and other times it’s just the same forgetfulness that everyone deals with from time to time.  The key is knowing the difference and understanding how to deal with each person on a very individual basis. 

At TapestryHealth, we recruit clinicians with behavioral care backgrounds and support them with board-certified behavioral and psychiatric care professionals. We integrate that care with our industry-leading primary care physician package and 24/7 coverage provided via telemedicine by clinicians dedicated specifically to the facilities they serve.  Your residents will be treated properly by people they trust and who know them personally, which is the first step in understanding any patient’s memory care issues.  

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