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Thank you for inquiring about Guardian℠ by Tapestry, the only platform that weaves cutting edge technologies with human expertise to protect your patients with a total safety net. 

Guardian℠ by Tapestry is redefining the next generation in SNF care. By allowing you to choose the entire suite of services or to integrate what you already offer with the Tapestry platform and us filling in the gaps, you'll instantly upgrade to sophisticated, round the clock patient care. And you can do it at ZERO COST to the facility or the patients!

Guardian℠ by Tapestry is 24/7 care, not just after hours

A specific clinician is assigned to your facility and patients

Contactless patient monitoring using radar-wave technology to monitor patients continually, 24/7, with zero human interaction required

Cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence technology is predictive, not reactive. 

Data analysis in real time accurately predicts hospitalizations up to 72 hours in advance

Daily rounds maintain a higher level of care and reimbursement

A guaranteed-accurate Digital Vitals Management Program monitors each patient based on individual parameters

Specialists on call

Chronic Care Management

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Contact Us

To learn how you can incorporate Guardian℠ by Tapestry into your medical ecosystem, call us today at (203) 721-6822 or click here to send a note to and we’ll get back to you. 

We'll be in touch soon!

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