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Most skilled nursing facilities look at clinical care as a cost center.  That’s a big mistake.  Today’s nursing homes are expected to provide ever higher levels of care, yet instead of making the improvements needed to do so, they look for ways to manage the cost. 


TapestryHealth has proven that you can increase the level of care you provide while increasing profitability through reduced hospitalizations, stabilized census, increased revenue per patient, and by using superior care to generate increased referrals.  Most important, this isn’t just a claim.  We have the results to prove it.

What can your clinical care look like with TapestryHealth?

  • You’ll be able to offer true 24/7 bedside medical care

  • You’ll have specific clinicians assigned to your facility that will get to know each patient

  • You’ll have a clinician making daily rounds, maintaining higher levels of care and reimbursement

  • We’re an independent PCP working for you, not local hospital-based physicians

  • You’ll have specialists on call when your residents need them 

  • You’ll have a medical team that can work hand-in-hand with your patients’ personal PCPs when they cannot be at the bedside

  • You’ll be able to offer one of the most sophisticated Vitals Management Programs in the industry that promises guaranteed accurate readings in substantially less time and monitors each patient shift by shift, day by day and week by week 

  • You’ll have real clinicians analyzing individual and facility-wide data in real time to alert you to the next infectious outbreak before it happens.

  • You’ll have 24/7 access to clinicians with behavioral care expertise and specific geriatric training  

To learn how The Difference Makers can boost your business,

Call us today at (845) 694-7288, or click here to schedule a time for us to talk.

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