Giving an assist to Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities are facing increasing demands that simply cannot be met on their own.  

  • Increasing difficulty in attracting and maintaining quality staff

  • The ongoing nationwide decline in occupancy

  • The highest turnover of nurses in the entire healthcare industry

  • The rising demand for on-site physician care

  • An aging population that is arriving with greater medical needs


But one decision can solve all of these critical issues -- partnering with TapestryHealth.  

More than just night-time telehealth.  A lot more. 

 TapestryHealth means having a Primary Care Physician practice right in your facility, along with access to board-certified specialists in more than a dozen different disciplines.  That’s a competitive edge. Instead of emergency calls to an overworked nurse in the middle of the night, your staff just calls the doctor; the same doctor who makes daily rounds and knows your community’s residents.  Be the choice people want to make; give them more than just the lifestyle – give them the care they need, when and where they need it, from the doctors and nurses they trust.